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Have you ever wanted just a simple little Twitch bot with custom commands, raffles and announcements? Well, now you can have one! YagBot has all the below features listed and more are to come! You can even suggest features you want to see implemented in the bot.

IMPORTANT!! Make sure to run the Transfer Tool included with the bot! You only need to run the tool once.

So what exactly can it do?

Connect to the chat. The most important feature, no doubt. Add and store up to 500 custom commands. Commands can have different ranks assigned to them and prices. Hold raffles. Nuff said. Post and store up to 50 announcements. You can customize the time between announcements or disable the system completely. Track points for users. Yep, there, I said it. You can now track points. The points are stored in an INI instead of the main data file so you can modify it both externally and from the bot panel. In the future, there will be an update to allow users to spend their points, so let your viewers collect points before it's too late! Userlevels. Also known as ranks. Shoutouts. !so veryGoodChannel = Go follow veryGoodChannel at twitch.tv/veryGoodChannel! You can change the displayed message after the shoutout. Quotes. Do I really need to explain this to you?

What are the planned features?

Nothing at the moment! Check the thread below if you wanna suggest things!

There are two branches of the bot: stable release and an unstable, beta release. The stable release branch includes two versions: free version and paid version. The only difference between the paid and the free version is that the free version will post a message that your channel is running YagBot about every 20 minutes and 30 chat messages. The unstable branch includes one version: a beta version of what may or may not come into the next, more content-filled stable release. The unstable branch will be removed if the stable branch's version is more than that of the unstable branch.

Got suggestions/ideas? Post them in the thread below!

You can get the OAuth password here.

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Install instructions

Extract the archive somewhere to a folder. The bot will run from any location.


YagBot - latest version 3 MB

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