1.0 beta released!

Hello everyone! Today is a very important day for me, because I am taking a huge step into the future of this bot by releasing this beta version. I must notice that the bot will not be updated for a while, unless there are bugs in 0.9 which need immediate attention, because I am going to be hard at work for 1.0 release version, which will have more nifty features than ever.  Full changelog of this version:

  • Added a userlevels tab/system. Commands can have different userlevels assigned to them. If a user is in that userlevel or above, they can issue the command.
  • The free version will now post the "YagBot booted up" message only once it has made sure that the bot account is a moderator in selected channel. The interval between posting messages that the channel is running YagBot changed from 7 minutes to 8.
  • Internal overhaul to the command system. You can now enter your command with and without an exclamation mark and the bot will automatically adapt the command.
  • Made a settings tab (currently only contains the color picker). You only need to use the color picker ONCE if you want to keep the background color. To use the color picker, click on the 'settings' tab and choose your desired color. After that, click on any other tab and the background will now be changed.

!!WARNING!! This version is incompatible with the previous version(s) because of the new command system.


YagBot - beta version (1.0-b) 2 MB
Jul 01, 2017

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